On the 25 October 2018 the friends and family of Margaret Thorsborne AO, gathered to say farewell to the Cardwell woman who was a well loved community icon and who dedicated her life to conservation.

Insect control with plant essential oils

Once you start enjoying the fruits; and, vegetables in your organic garden, it’s not long before you start receiving visitors.  Meet the arthropods.  Those freeloading vegetarians who come swinging their many limbs and whose intent it is to share the bounties of your hard labour. Organic gardeners have a few options. Ignore them — pray […]

Fish and chips straight from the backyard

What is Aquaponics? If you’re looking for the next step up in food production, Aquaponics could be perfect. Aquaponics is a “discipline” that has evolved from taking the best of aquaculture and the best of hydroponics.  Where aquaculture only grows fish,  and, hydroponics — plants,   Aquaponics is a natural system that grows fish and plants, […]


Once you acknowledge your beauty, that’s when it all turns to shit. Because: beauty implies perfection. Why do you think beautiful people have plastic surgery? Because: beauty implies perfection. That’s the last time I’m gonna tell you that. If you have a beautiful face but misshapen, deformed toes then your not really beautiful. The same […]

Expedition 44 crew members sample leafy greens grown on space station

Fresh food grown in the microgravity environment of space officially is on the menu for the first time for NASA astronauts on the International Space Station. Expedition 44 crew members, including NASA’s one-year astronaut Scott Kelly, are ready to sample the fruits of their labor after harvesting a crop of “Outredgeous” red romaine lettuce Monday, […]

Not another story about superbugs?

  Personally, I may not be too affected by a food shortage by 2050 for a couple of reasons.  I could be dead, or at the least very old and only consuming a light fuel of gruel. Currently, I’m in a state of abundance.  Each day I eat my way through thousands of kilojules to […]

Round em up; move em up

An exploration of a working cattle station Mount Isa is an historic and mineral rich, rural town, located in the outback of Queensland where the skies remain blue most of the year making it an ideal climate to undertake some unique activities. In August every year, since 1959, a bunch of cowboys and girls cling to […]

Common crop pesticides kill honeybee larvae in the hive

Four pesticides commonly used on crops to kill insects and fungi also kill honeybee larvae within their hives, according to Penn State and University of Florida researchers. The team also found that N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP) — an inert, or inactive, chemical commonly used as a pesticide additive — is highly toxic to honeybee larvae. “We found […]

Mito What?

I’ve just spent a few minutes trying to work out how I’m going to crack the code on the punch key that keeps the childcare centre secure and then I’m inside thanks to a mum who enters the numbers for me.  At the end of a long corridor I’m greeted by a beaming smile from […]

Aussie Eucalypts under threat

Research at the National Environmental Research Program’s (NERP) Environmental Decisions Hub has found that heat waves, droughts and floods expected under climate change will alter environmental conditions so much that many eucalypts will no longer survive in their native ranges. Replanting is unlikely to help woodlands and forests persist, the scientists warn. “Trees are vulnerable […]

Hope for new longer flowering chamomile varieties

Chamomile is a medicinal plant used mainly in the treatment of stomach and intestinal diseases, including the field of veterinary medicine. Agricultural scientist Bettina Fähnrich from the Institute of Animal Nutrition and Functional Plant Compounds has been focusing on the genetics of chamomile (Matricaria recutita). She has been looking for chamomile varieties with a triploid […]