Off with their heads

We inherited some old black hens from the previous owner of our small property (just under two acres) at Kureelpa on the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

I’ve added some pullets, or bullets, as I like to call them after watching them half fly, half run as they escape the continual pecking from the matriarchs.

These new red chicks are already laying little easter eggs and we are getting inundated with eggs.  That’s easy give them away, but in the interests of living a simpler, cheaper, but not nastier, regrettably, life we need to cut back on the amount of chooks.  They cost us in feed.  They have explosive breasts and look delicious, but the chicken woman told us they will be tough, cook them in a slow cooker or an oven bag for a long time, she said.

Bob said to me yesterday he had picked out the ones we should bang.  He asked me if I was going to help.  Now for weeks I’ve been bragging about the ease of execution to family and friends but now I’m not sure I can follow through.

The execution methods seem hit and miss and the plucking well I’ve done that before and it’s smelly and messy.  So this morning I extracted some Ingham chicken breast fillets from the freezer, just for today.

3 thoughts on “Off with their heads

  • We grew up with chooks,in our suburban backyard in Campbelltown and had always known that you need to cull in order to keep numbers down, so I figured it wwas the same with Kevin woh grew up on a farm, allbeit a dairy farm. So we were given a decapitated rooster by a neighbour down here and I asked Kevin if he would defeather and clean out the innards. It was taking a while so I walked round to the back of the house to see Kevin with a gas mask(the kind the painters use) and a pair of rubber gloves absolutely mangling the poor old rooster. Talk about piss myself laughing. Not quite the farm boy as I had imagined

      • He also made them eat a pumpkin Julie and the boys used for an ashtray. He and Julie's mum had been away and came back, after their house had become a temporary party venue by Jules and her brothers. Needless to say they weren't happy and eating the pumpkin was supposed to be a lesson for them.

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