Potent chemical cocktails milked from spiders

As of 1992, more than 500 species of insects and mites were reported to be resistant to one or more classes of insecticides, including 95 types of mosquito, and nine species of tick. Compounding the problem of resistance is that most insecticides work through one of only five targets in the insect nervous system, with […]

Fatal bacteria spreading through the top end

Keith Risk from rural Darwin worked on the wharves. One day feeling ‘a bit off’ he came home from work. The next day Keith awoke with a bad headache. By the afternoon the headache had centralised to one side, just above his ear, behind the temple. “It just got worse and I ended up going […]

Alcohol reduces the severity of rheumatoid arthritis

Drinking alcohol may reduce the severity of rheumatoid arthritis according to new research published today. It is the first time that this effect has been shown in humans. The study also finds that alcohol consumption reduces the risk of developing the disease, confirming the results of previous studies. The study which is published online today […]