Vietnamese Cooking School

We are part of a large crowd in a noisy wet market in Hoi An, Vietnam looking at rows and rows of food vendors with screaming meat — the epitome of fresh food. We watch as a an old, old man, with no dental plan, and his young woman offsider prep their frogs for sale. […]

Talking Dirty

Composting is an activity guaranteed to scare both the newbie and the seasoned gardener.  But with a little help and a few tips you could be producing a garden soil that will set your garden apart from many others.   There are two methods — anaerobic (without air) and aerobic (with air).  I’ve tried both […]

Vietnamese cooking

Bill and Sue, are Asian friends of ours, who run the Golden Sun Restaurant at Capalaba. I wrote a review for the Best Restaurants website you can read it here. If you’re in the area call in and have lunch or dinner and give them my love. Co-owner Sue is Vietnamese and makes the best […]