Growing Sprouts

Mung Bean sprouts
Mung bean sprouts

Enjoying something fresh from your own kitchen bench is as simple as popping some seed into a sprouter.  I bought mine from a local company, Green Harvest, here on the Sunshine Coast   I also get my vegetable seeds and sprouting seeds here because they are an organic company, and of course, they are locals.

I’ve got the Dome Sprouter with three tiers.  Its costs $59.50 at the time of writing, and, theoretically, it should last forever.  Here’s a picture

Green Harvest also sells the sprouting seed.  You can also buy the liners, used to stop the fine seed washing through the trays,  but I just use chux.  It’s not actually chux.   It looks like chux.   It comes in a big roll and they sell it at Bunnings.  You just cut out a round and place it on the bottom of the trays, works just like the liners.

The seed is soaked to initiate germination and instructions on how long to soak the seed is on the packs.  The seed is then placed onto the trays and is watered about twice a day.  Watering is essential to stop mould, and of course for the life of the seeds.  I sprout mung beans, for yummy Vietnamese dishes.  These are sprouted in the dark so you don’t get green tips.  I also sprout alfalfa. Alfafa is really good for grazing, and you can add it to sandwiches and salads.   You can sprout just about any seed really.  Broccoli seed is cancer fighting with the research to back it up.

Really there’s no excuse not to grow something fresh yourself.


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