Homemade Health – Anke Bialas

Herb lover Anke Bialas has added a new title to the expanding Herbology At Home Series.  The new book, Homemade Health is all about home remedies your grandmother knew.  If she didn’t tell you then Ms Bialas will. The first section details eight common culinary herbs and their uses.  The next section details over 160 […]

Pumpkin, coconut and vegetable soup

It’s still cool enough for soups and I still have a couple of pumpkin vines producing small fruit.  Try this quick and easy recipe: Coconut vegetable soup 2 cups barley 2 onions or leeks or shallots (whatever you prefer) 1 can coconut cream Bok choy or any green vegetable such as silverbeet 2 cups Bean […]