Writing news is so dry, like the feeling in your mouth after a night on the grog. So I started to think what other style of writing I could do, because I had to write. I started to read Sedaris, he writes funny essays, and I realised I was like him. Well not gay like him or male or actually nothing like him. I wanted to write like him. I aspired to his voice, using my own voice.

Writing essays required some kind of reality, some life experiences. Oh boy I had shitloads of those. I didn’t need to conjure up characters, or plots, or get stuck after 10,000 words and realise there were no more words. I didn’t have to worry about POV, because there was only one POV, mine. No longer did I need to sit and wait for the muse. She was with me all the time

The stories were with me every day. There were always with me. There were my life stories. I felt liberated as though I could write and be liked.

But like all of the writing I had tried my hand at would this be a passing fad. Why was essay writing going to be my thing when nothing else seemed to be? Because I could write about a LOT of things. Thats the thing with me. I’m Mercurian. I like to have my pork sausage fingers in many pies. So began, yes yes its me and this led to others which led to this whole collection of who gives a shit essays : )

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