Once you acknowledge your beauty, that’s when it all turns to shit. Because: beauty implies perfection. Why do you think beautiful people have plastic surgery? Because: beauty implies perfection. That’s the last time I’m gonna tell you that. If you have a beautiful face but misshapen, deformed toes then your not really beautiful. The same […]

Feeding the world – International Womens’ Day

(This article is courtesy of the AWARD — an edit of information provided by them) International Womens’ Day on 8 March will be celebrated by many proud women and typically that celebration will include a feast but paradoxically as some of these women risk their health through over indulgence, in other parts of the world […]

Vego 101 the beginning

My venture into the world of vegetarianism was/is due to a combination of events. I’ve always dreamed of being a Buddhist. A dream that was unattainable in part due to a phone call that took place every Wednesday in the early hours of the morning since 2002. It went something like this. “Yeah bang them. Yeah kill them.” […]

Insect control with plant essential oils

Once you start enjoying the fruits; and, vegetables in your organic garden, it’s not long before you start receiving visitors.  Meet the arthropods.  Those freeloading vegetarians who come swinging their many limbs and whose intent it is to share the bounties of your hard labour. Organic gardeners have a few options. Ignore them — pray […]

Is this love?

Walking around the garden can unearth many story ideas.  On a recent walk I started to think about the practice of companion planting. There are libraries of books devoted to it’s study and endorsement.  I don’t disbelieve in its philosophies.  There’s many things I believe in that are intuitive and this article is anything but […]

Homemade Health – Anke Bialas

Herb lover Anke Bialas has added a new title to the expanding Herbology At Home Series.  The new book, Homemade Health is all about home remedies your grandmother knew.  If she didn’t tell you then Ms Bialas will. The first section details eight common culinary herbs and their uses.  The next section details over 160 […]

Permaculture – a renaissance

Much of the language has changed but not the principles.  If one was to devote and indeed preserve an environment through permaculture — a framework for a sustainable agricultural system, devised by Aussies, Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, you would discover a simple rule, harmony with nature.  Modern term, sustainability. It all sounded so posh […]