Insect control with plant essential oils

Once you start enjoying the fruits; and, vegetables in your organic garden, it’s not long before you start receiving visitors.  Meet the arthropods.  Those freeloading vegetarians who come swinging their many limbs and whose intent it is to share the bounties of your hard labour. Organic gardeners have a few options. Ignore them — pray […]

Permaculture – a renaissance

Much of the language has changed but not the principles.  If one was to devote and indeed preserve an environment through permaculture — a framework for a sustainable agricultural system, devised by Aussies, Bill Mollison and David Holmgren, you would discover a simple rule, harmony with nature.  Modern term, sustainability. It all sounded so posh […]

Pesticides harming bees

  A pair of new studies reveals the multiple ways that a widely used insecticide harms bumblebees and honeybees. The reports, one by a U.K. team and one by a French team, appear online at the Science Express Web site of the journal Science, on 29 March, 2012. Science is published by AAAS, the nonprofit, […]

Backyard ban on ornamental plants

(published in Australian Horticulture April 2011) A proposal to amend the federal Criminal Code Act could see a number of plants species become outlawed. The proposed amendment is a result of the Labour Government’s “Organised Crime Strategic Framework that hopes to target one of the primary markets of organised crime – the importation, domestic production […]

Mediterranean diet increases longevity and better health – fact or bs?

A Mediterranean diet with large amounts of vegetables and fish gives a longer life. This is the unanimous result of four studies to be published by the Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg. Research studies ever since the 1950s have shown that a Mediterranean diet, based on a high consumption of fish and vegetables […]

Five Australian dietary guidelines for health

According to the new Australian Dietary Guidelines released today for public consultation poor nutrition is responsible for around 16% of the total burden of disease and is implicated in more than 56% of all deaths in Australia. The most recent available estimates for the total cost of poor nutrition were more than $5 billion per […]

Broccoli prevents cancer confirmed

Sulforaphane, one of the primary phytochemicals in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables that helps them prevent cancer, has been shown for the first time to selectively target and kill cancer cells while leaving normal prostate cells healthy and unaffected. The findings, made by scientists in the Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University, are another […]

Glyphosate poisoning – fact or BS?

First view the video: What were your initial thoughts? I thought I wish they were speaking English and then I wondered who the cross-eyed guy was in the field of soy with the purple shirt, who started talking like an expert.  I was concerned and worried about the fleeting photos of abnormal children. So: FACT […]

Drug companies feed us their own research

Hidden financial conflicts-of-interest are sneaking into published drug research through the back door, warns an international team of investigators, led by researchers from the Jewish General Hospital’s Lady Davis Institute for Medical Research and McGill University in Montreal.   More and more, policy decisions and what medications doctors prescribe for their patients are being driven […]

Dick Smith – An argument for population decline?

Dick Smith has been quite verbose in his new campaign to cut the population growth in Australia. Back in Jan, 2010 the Herald Sun reprinted this article: A massive 384 comments were submitted with the majority agreeing we cut our population growth, particularly of immigrants. I found the following comment amusing and scarily enough, relevant: […]