Maize trade disruption could have global ramifications

Disruptions to U.S. exports of maize (corn) could pose food security risks for many U.S. trade partners due to the lack of trade among other producing and importing nations, says a Michigan State University study. The study, featured in the journal Risk Analysis, didn’t primarily focus on plant disease, population growth, climate change or the […]

Researchers determine plant defence in Tobacco

Empoasca sp. is not a typical pest of wild tobacco (Nicotiana attenuata). When this plant grows in its natural habitats in North America, however, it is attacked by tobacco hornworm larvae (Manduca sexta). This specialist insect is resistant to the toxic nicotine, which the plant produces as a defense against its enemies. When researchers from […]

Australian Researchers do it again pasta is back on the menu

Picture card landscapes in some areas of Australia have been replaced by a barrenness dotted with outlines of skeletonised trees — a ravaged legacy of what has been coined the white death, an aftermath of rising salt from the parched earth. These saline soils are toxic to vegetation. Just as a high sodium diet can […]

How do plants grow?

At first, the back room of plant physiologist Edgar Spalding’s lab at the University of Wisconsin-Madison might be mistaken for an alien space ship set straight out of a Hollywood movie. It’s a room bathed in low-red light with camera lenses pointing at strange looking entities encased in Petri dishes. A closer inspection reveals the […]

Consumers willing to pay premium for healthier genetically modified foods

A study by Iowa State University researcher Wallace Huffman shows that when consumers are presented with produce enhanced with consumer traits through intragenic means, they will pay significantly more than for plain produce. The research is published in the current issue of the┬áJournal of Agricultural and Resource Economics Intragenic modification refers to plants that are […]