Pumpkin, coconut and vegetable soup

It’s still cool enough for soups and I still have a couple of pumpkin vines producing small fruit.  Try this quick and easy recipe: Coconut vegetable soup 2 cups barley 2 onions or leeks or shallots (whatever you prefer) 1 can coconut cream Bok choy or any green vegetable such as silverbeet 2 cups Bean […]

Vietnamese Eggplant in Clay Pot

Delicious eggplant casserole with tomato, lemon grass and chilli. Ingredients; 2 tsp peanut oil 1 clove garlic – finely chopped 2 tomatoes, quartered. Remove seeds and pulp 1 lemongrass finely chopped (keep stalk) 1 Spring onion cut into 3 cm pieces 2 Eggplants (long and thin) cut into 4cm and long x 1cm wide pieces […]

Red Curry Paste

Curry pastes are the backbone of Thai cooking.  Once you have a paste its easy to throw together a curry.  Just add some meat and vegetables, coconut milk, palm sugar and you’re done.  Most of the herbs are easy to grow in the garden, including coriander, lemon grass and galangal 15 dried red chillies 2 […]

Green Curry Paste

Curry pastes are the backbone of Thai cooking.  While there are some good ready made products out there, making your own by pounding a pestle is very therapeutic! Once you have made the paste, just add some meat or vegetables, coconut milk, palm sugar and you have an authentic Thai dinner. Most of the herbs […]

Sweet Sticky Black Rice with Coconut and Red Bean

This makes a nice dessert or better still breakfast.  Most Vietnamese meals are gluten free, an added bonus for those with gluten intolerance or Coeliac D. Serves 4 Ingredients: 1 cup dried red azuki beans 1 cup black sticky rice 1 125 ml can coconut cream 50 g caster sugar 2 tbs chopped salted peanuts […]

Vietnamese Cooking School

We are part of a large crowd in a noisy wet market in Hoi An, Vietnam looking at rows and rows of food vendors with screaming meat — the epitome of fresh food. We watch as a an old, old man, with no dental plan, and his young woman offsider prep their frogs for sale. […]

Vietnamese cooking

Bill and Sue, are Asian friends of ours, who run the Golden Sun Restaurant at Capalaba. I wrote a review for the Best Restaurants website you can read it here. If you’re in the area call in and have lunch or dinner and give them my love. Co-owner Sue is Vietnamese and makes the best […]